To support women with bleeding disorders by publishing experiences, raising awareness, encouraging research, advocating for uniform diagnosis and treatment protocols which will include a high standard of care. To create a supportive environment for women through educational meetings and retreats that will address psychosocial issues, health, physical fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle.

"We are delighted to support the Women's Bleeding Disorders Coalition. Their first social media campaign united women across the globe, standing strong to share stories and be heard has had such a positive impact. Women are being heard. Their needs are being addressed and the support site created is amazingly powerful. Founded by two women with bleeding disorders themselves they have truly improved the quality of lives, support and empowerment for all women."

                                        Kim Phelan, Vice President,

                                      The Coalition for Hemophilia B

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

Dallas, TX

Date: March 29-31, 2019 

EmpowerU Women's Retreat 


Jackson Hole, WY

Date: June 2019

EmpowerU Women's Retreat

Our mission is to increase awareness and improve the lives of women with bleeding disorders by providing education, promoting research and advocacy, and encouraging living a healthy lifestyle.

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