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tammy davenport
Chief Executive Officer/President

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​Heather was born and raised in Teton Valley, ID. Heather spent her youth in Teton County, ID and Jackson, WY where she currently lives. Heather has three sons diagnosed with Hemophilia B and has been an active participant in Hemophilia and bleeding disorder community events in NM, UT, TX, NV, MT, ID, and WY for the past 17 years. She became involved after her youngest son, Talon, had an acute bleeding episode and all of her boys were diagnosed. With no prior knowledge of Hemophilia, Heather relocated with her boys to Albuquerque, NM in the year 2000 where she began her educational journey at the University of New Mexico in the health care field. She graduated in 2004 and returned home to continue raising her boys and continue her education online in medical research and health care technology.

Heather has over a decade of combined education and employment experience in the healthcare industry and presently works as a diagnostician in health care information. Her hobbies include; advocating for patient education and support through medical research technical writing and networking for bleeding disorder communities, when she is not attempting to keep pace with her sons...JJ

Heather’s published work may be viewed on the following links: post


As a grassroots organization and coalition, we aim to truly represent our community, while diversifying our board.  Our goal is to have all voices heard and all efforts towards women to receive proper treatment for their bleeding disorders are united.

​Robert Sidonio JR, MD Hematology -  Atlanta, GA

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University Hospital

Danielle Nance, MD Hematology/BMT - Salt Lake City, UT 

Assistant Professor at The Huntsman Cancer Institute

Lew Wyman-Collins, RNC-NIC 

Medical Advisory Board, HFA, Medical Center of Lewsiville

​Judy Kauffman, RN, MS, CPNP 

​Bayer Healthcare, Hemophilia Clinical Support Specialist

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About Us

​Secretary: Amanda Tallman

Board Member: Richard DiPilla

Bio: ​In Rich's position with Berkshire Hathaway Corporate MGINC, heading up Markets Development, he works with a team of specialists to provide customer focused integrated marketing solutions. By employing advanced strategic research, lean methodologies and data based analytics his team  utilizes metrics to provide measurable marketing campaigns and recommends best practice methods to document, evaluate, and individually prioritize those marketing campaigns for businesses of any size throughout the Berkshire Hathaway Media Group. 

     Rich has brought a wealth of knowledge and diversity to The WBDC board. He also sits on the boards of several nonprofits. Rich has a long history in business and media experience that he has used to build one of the larges globalt networks. 

Medical Advisory Council

Vice President: Heather Wagoner Nelson

Tammy Davenport is a woman  with hemophilia. She has, through her own struggles for treatment, despite having her diagnosis, found her path in helping other women overcome their obstacles to health.

Board Member:  Jack Smith


Jack Smith has 32+years of corporate Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. He was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jackson Marketing Company, a Michigan Avenue, Chicago marketing and advertising agency specializing in brand name advertising and promotions, to create increases in sales through unique incentive programs. Jackson Marketing Company’s commercial clients included Black & Decker, Zenith, WGN, Success Magazine, Combined Insurance, Beacham Cosmetics, Prudential, Westin, Marriott and Fingerhut. Jackson Marketing Company also assisted as consultants in promotions and advertising with notable sports related companies including the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Forsythe Racing and ESPN. 
From 1975 to 1977 Jack Smith was responsible for pre-opening group sales and corporate sponsorships for the grand opening of Marriott's Great America now known as Six Flags.
 In 2000, Jack created Bizware and, where he helped develop sales channels for the online services that automate selling cycles, maximize clients' consumer facing business communications, consistently present client's value proposition, and automatically initiate follow-up strategies. Bizware developed and deployed a direct-sales training program that reached over 5,000 sales associates in North America and Asia.
Since 2004, Jack has written numerous business plans and helped fund a variety of projects totaling $55MM in private equity. In 2010, Pelican Capital Advisors was created in response to the US market meltdown, Jack began developing a structured finance model utilizing life settlements to assist a dozen small to medium size businesses obtain nearly $1,000,000,000 of capital they needed to grow and expand. With the change in the Feds direction Spectre Industries has identified and targeted crypto-currency and the Gold industry for growth and expansion.

                               Levels of Governance

Board of Directors                           (our voting members)
Medical Advisory Council              (medical and research individuals)
Ambassador Network                    (state and international representatives)
Partner Network                              (nonprofit & government partners)
Volunteer Network                          (volunteer committees for special projects)
Advocates of WBDC                        (individuals who participate & support us)

Treasurer:  Pending