Webinars and video conferences covering a variety of informational topics. Our platform allows attendees to ask questions and interact with the host. Join our mailing list and visit us on Facebook to stay in the know about our KIP Webinars.

"I recently engaged in my first yoga class and was exceedingly impressed by my teacher and the atmosphere. The class was very calming, soothing and was also mind relaxing. I felt my body was more flexible afterwards. Overall the experience was excellent".   C, TX

"Thank you so much for my first yoga class! I can't wait to find one in my area".  B, TX

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank Tammy Davenport for all her help. My daughter Sj has Pspd and we were having issues with her school not taking her bleeding disorder seriously. I didn't know where to start or who to contact. I felt lost. I came in contact with Tammy @ The Woman's Bleeding Disorder Coalition she immediately went to work helping me advocate for my daughter. She also sat in on our meeting with the school and helped them to understand what sj goes through as a female bleeder. It is amazing to know you aren't alone in this and have a place to turn for information and help! Thank you again!"

                                                                                                                                            Sincerely, CC -the mom of a female bleeder

1•2•1 Advocacy

1•2•1 Advocacy is just what the name implies. We work with the family, school, hospitals, physicians, etc to ensure each girl and lady is cared for appropriately. We  will set up a mentor/ambassador when appropriate, to guide you through times when you need support. 

Knowledge Is Power Webinars

The Women's Bleeding Disorder Coalition is a unique combination of holistic practices mixed with modern medicine. Our belief is that our bodies need proper diet and exercise, stress and pain management, while following physician's orders for presribed medication and lifestyle choices. 
Each of our GNO events, embraces holistic practices such as yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and pain. These practices are taught by certified therapists. 

Girls' Night Out

"GNO was amazing. Hanging out with my sisters in a safe space learning about how to better take care of our hearts, mind, body, and soul was freshing. Having learned the difference between grief and trauma changed my outlook on my life. I left feeling like a new woman. Thanks for an amazing evening !"

                                                                                                                                                            C.P. San Jose, Ca

                                                       Our Vision for GNO:

We developed this unique program to fill a void in our community. Women, whether it be mothers, sisters, daughters, or wives...needed a place to escape. An evening where we can supported by each other, learn how to take care of ourselves, and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. 
Our mission is to have one GNO in each state annually, as funding permits.

Rolling out in 2018!

Empowerment Flow Series

 This set of programs, used individually or combined, were created to empower the whole woman. Ideally, we would like to incorporate this program into weekend retreats, but have designed it to be broken up by topic for local events as well.

    ~ The Valkyrie Self Defense Program (VSDP): 
Self defense course designed by a Navy SEAL specifically for women with bleeding disorders. 

This will include a variety of topics: situational awareness, physiology/anatomy, as well as specific moves to protect from attack or remove threat. BATTLEFIELD & REAL WORLD TESTED FOR EFFECTIVENESS!
      ~Advocacy: Empower women to advocate for themselves with physicians, insurance, and legislative issues.
      ~Mental Health: Discuss psychological issues that surround dx and caregiver burnout. We will provide alternative methods designed to heal (not replace medical treatment) and compliment appropriate medical treatment. These will include: setting boundaries, yoga, meditation, essential oil and aromatherapy, and other alternative modalities.
    ~Physical Health: Address proper nutrition and discuss how what you eat affects the body's inflammatory response. We will also discuss and possibly participate in appropriate physical activity.

~The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.  ~Alice Walker

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